KT Blog: Effects of Sport-Related Concussion on Cognitive-Motor Integration in Athletes

Johanna Hurtubise, PhD, CAT(C) Department of Kinesiology and Applied Health, University of Winnipeg Movements are an important aspect of your daily life and are often done without even thinking about it, for example when you reach out to grab your cup of coffee. These types of movements, where you look at what you are reaching towardsContinue reading “KT Blog: Effects of Sport-Related Concussion on Cognitive-Motor Integration in Athletes”

Motivation Behind the Madness: How Research Chose Me

The number of allied health professionals returning to school to explore research at the Master’s and PhD levels in Canada is on the rise. Over the past couple of years, newly established professional and thesis-based PhD programs are now offered in Rehabilitation Science departments along with a demand for more faculty with PhDs. Over theContinue reading “Motivation Behind the Madness: How Research Chose Me”

SCAPPS 2017: St. John’s, Newfoundland

I had a great experience in St. John’s, Newfoundland, last weekend presenting our latest research at the SCAPPS National Conference. This project was in partnership with Victus Academy in Kitchener, Ontario, and assessed dynamic balance control in youth hockey players with or without previous sport-related concussion. The results from this study reinforce the need for more complexContinue reading “SCAPPS 2017: St. John’s, Newfoundland”

Research News: Vestibular, Balance and Oculomotor Measures may Improve Concussion Assessment

Great new publication from East Stroudsurg and Temple Universities in the US. This recent article suggests that a specific battery consisting of vestibular, balance and oculomotor testing may improve the accuracy of concussion assessment. These tests include the Sensory Organization Test (SOT), near point convergence, horizontal saccades and gaze stability outome measures. See the full articleContinue reading “Research News: Vestibular, Balance and Oculomotor Measures may Improve Concussion Assessment”

New Year, New Goals..New Gadgets? Benefits of Activity Trackers

As we welcome another new year, most of us are taking a step back and looking at what we accomplished in 2015 and determining where we can improve ourselves in 2016. It’s that time of year that the fitness and health industry thrives off of our new years resolutions. Most likely these goals will be aimed at losing a few pounds, joining aContinue reading “New Year, New Goals..New Gadgets? Benefits of Activity Trackers”


Waterloo Sports Therapy Services (STS) provides athletic therapy services for sports teams, events and tournaments in the Waterloo region. Services include the following: On-site first responder coverage during the event Assessment, management and treatment for acute injuries, emergent conditions and concussions Prophylactic taping and wrapping Manual therapy, soft tissue/myofascial  release and stretching Education: Including sport-related injuryContinue reading “Services”