KT Blog: Physical Literacy & Preventing Injury in Youth Athletes

Matthew Miller, MSc, CAT(C), PhD Student, Concordia University Obesity and sedentary behavior are becoming a major problem in todays society, especially among children (put those phones down and move!). Health care interventions and physical educators focus on promoting physical activity using the concept of physical literacy. Physical literacy is a theoretical concept that suggests physicalContinue reading “KT Blog: Physical Literacy & Preventing Injury in Youth Athletes”

KT Blog: Activity after concussion for kids.

Danielle Dobney, PhD, CAT(C), RKin, York University Most kids recover quickly from concussion (great news!). Unfortunately, about one-third will have symptoms that last for weeks to months. These symptoms interfere with important activities that kids like to do. We are learning that removing kids from activity they care about is not good for their recovery.Continue reading “KT Blog: Activity after concussion for kids.”