Winter Running: Tips for Training & the Prevention of Injuries

We all have to admit that we’ve been spoiled with the late arrival of winter in Southwestern Ontario this year. The past couple of weeks have been the first real exposure to snow days, icy roads and sub-zero temperatures that seem to be here to stay. For those of us who are braving the winterContinue reading “Winter Running: Tips for Training & the Prevention of Injuries”

New Year, New Goals..New Gadgets? Benefits of Activity Trackers

As we welcome another new year, most of us are taking a step back and looking at what we accomplished in 2015 and determining where we can improve ourselves in 2016. It’s that time of year that the fitness and health industry thrives off of our new years resolutions. Most likely these goals will be aimed at losing a few pounds, joining aContinue reading “New Year, New Goals..New Gadgets? Benefits of Activity Trackers”


Waterloo Sports Therapy Services (STS) provides athletic therapy services for sports teams, events and tournaments in the Waterloo region. Services include the following: On-site first responder coverage during the event Assessment, management and treatment for acute injuries, emergent conditions and concussions Prophylactic taping and wrapping Manual therapy, soft tissue/myofascial  release and stretching Education: Including sport-related injuryContinue reading “Services”